ECITE 2010
in Raasepori, Finland

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Sadly we have had some problems with our application system and it's possible that we haven't got all the applications.
If you haven't had an answer to your application within 3 days of applying, please contact straight to Ulla Mäkinen

Reaching out a warm welcome to European Contact Improvisation Teachers’ Exchange 2010 in Fiskars, Finland!

As second generation Finnish CI teachers, we feel we have received a lot of support from the larger circle of teachers in Europe and the world. Our community grew into what it is through dancing and researching together, but as well through going to ECITEs and NIMs (Nordic Improvisation Meeting), and learning there how to share and lab in a constructive environment. So it is high time to step up to the responsibility and give something back. It is an honor to be hosting ECITE, and we are excited to take on the task.

Some seeds: Can we invite the same sense of sharing and listening, that is present in the dance, to be present in this meeting in all our communication and community building? What if we replace ambition with curiosity? What if we practice letting go of our ideas about people and personalities, to see and feel what is really there? We wish to create a space that is both an open platform and a safe, supportive container for meeting, sharing, learning, arguing, play and growth. What kind of ECITE would best support us as teachers, human beings, dancers, artists, activists; as individuals and as a group? What kind of ECITE do you want to have?


We look for structuring ECITE in a way that would serve the international CI teacher community as well as possible. We wish to create a schedule with possibilities to exchange in differently structured forms. Our intention is to share what we have in the Finnish CI community, and combine this to the experiences we have made in other ECITEs to create a platform to meet, dance, research, exchange.


the price of ECITE2010 will be 400 €. In case you would like to have an invitation (for searching funding or grants) you can already contact us and we will be happy to send you one! - Children are warmly welcome, for children under 14 the price is 160€, children under 4 are welcome for free. The Venue is suitable for children, but we cannot promise anykind childcare. Meals, accommodation in rooms with beds (sheet and towels incl.), saunas, and all events (except the optional day out) are included in the price. The price also includes an insurance during ECITE. If you want to come with your own tent, it's possible and then the price is 320€, including everything else, except room, bed, mattress, towels, sheets, blankets.


There will be an informal Oldies-event for those who have started their ci-dancing in the glooorius past (80s or earlier). This event will take place 13-15.8.2010. And to clarify:the oldies event is not a formal part of ECITE.


If you have urgent questions, information, feedback etc., or if you would like to have an invitation, please contact Ronja Verkasalo.

Looking forward to meeting you in Finland, ECITE 2010 team (Otto Akkanen, Ville Johansson, Ilona Kenova, Mirva Mäkinen, Ulla Mäkinen, Liisa Pentti, Ronja Verkasalo)